Redtail Rooftop Camper

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When it comes to the aesthetics of rooftop campers, most brands tend to err on the side of function over form. Not Redtail Overland. Looking sleek as sci-fi, their Rooftop Camper is a hard-sided, solar-powered, carbon fiber wonder that seamlessly integrates with the style of your late model truck/van/SUV (or any model Land Rover). 

And to round out those good looks, the Redtail Rooftop Camper packs all the utility you could ask for in something that’s light enough to live on top of your truck. The solar panels and lithium battery bank deliver LED lights (both inside and out, controlled by your phone) plus charging for your phones and devices with USB and 110 outlets. Open and close operation is fast — under 30 seconds fast and that’s with just one hand. Instead of tucking in, or worse, figuring out how to fold canvas walls, the Redtail has rigid (insulated) side walls that neatly fold into themselves.

For winter, there’s a diesel heater. In summer, the combo of windows, doors, screens, and a fan will keep the air moving. All the doors lock from the inside or out and it even lives up to hard-sided camper requirements in bear country. They’ve got two versions:  the RT 90 sleeps two adults on a three-inch multi-density foam mattress and the RT 110 sleeps two adults and two kids (in what basically amounts to a queen mattress with a sideways twin at the end). The RT 110 also has 120 more watts in solar and a bigger battery bank. Everything is designed, manufactured, and hand-assembled in their Longmont, Colorado workshop and pre-orders are open now.

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