Roku Streambar

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No doubt our low-profile, wall-mounted TVs have done wonders for the overall aesthetic of our living rooms. But as the screens get smaller, so too must the speakers. Soundbars have turned out to be a sleek option for pumping out immersive sound, making sure you feel it when the action gets serious on your favorite show. Now here’s the Roku Streambar, a soundbar for $130 that also just happens to be a Roku streaming device. 

If you’re not familiar with Roku, here’s the gist: Launched in 2008, it was one of the original ways for people to get all these streaming options (starting with Netflix) onto their TV. Both a device and an operating system, a Roku plugs into your TV, talks to the internet (via your wifi) and then allows you to watch every streaming service you could possibly subscribe to. It also offers you the ability to add apps like Spotify as well as free channels and the Roku channel with its endless selection of free movies and TV shows.

With a pretty intuitive interface and the ability to search what you want to watch by actor, director, or genre (and search results that tell you if it’s available for free or on subscription services) Roku has made a name for itself as an easy, all-in-one way to gather together all of the thousands of streaming options out there. 

As for the soundbar, it brings high-quality sound and simple sound settings that will do things like lower screaming commercials, or adjust to a night-listening mode so you don’t wake the house with your midnight movies. The remote keeps things streamlined and has the ability to control your TV. A voice option lets you search, play, and control your content and the Streambar can also act as a bluetooth speaker to play off your phone. For anyone looking for a streaming device and a soundbar, this grants two wishes at once.  

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