Seven Bro7hers Juicy IPA

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These wild and crazy times have added another wild and crazy dimension to the ways in which we live our lives — in certain places, you can now order your new favorite beer just as easily as you can order, say, a new shirt or a new pair of stylish jeans.  That is to say, with a few clicks of a button, you can get a delicious IPA like the Seven Bro7thers Juicy IPA delivered right to your doorstep, and those lucky enough to live in the United Kingdom should certainly “hop” on this offer right now.

More remarkable is the fact that the juicy IPA, a style that’s been associated with the Northeast of the States in recent years, is being made so well across the pond, and for plentiful consumption, at that. Oats and torrefied wheat should deliver a creamy mouthfeel, and a massive amount of hops gives you classic stonefruit and tropical aromas — one should expect nothing less from a remarkable IPA these days.

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