SteelSeries Nimbus+ Wireless Gaming Controller

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There was a time when PCs were for playing games and Apples were for writing your screenplay in a coffee shop or designing the logo for your logo design business. But all that’s changed in a big way. From the army of games on the App Store to Apple Arcade — not to mention all the cross-platform titles out there — Apple has come a long way in the games department. But to get the most out of them, a proper controller is in order. While Xbox and PS4 controllers will work, you might want to look into a MFi (made for iOS) controller.  

The Nimbus from SteelSeries has long reigned as the best of the MFi controllers, and now the brand new Nimbus+ is on the scene with a few new features to make it even better. Like a fifty-hour rechargeable battery so you can play all night without plugging in. You’ll also get better control with clickable joysticks and dedicated menu and option buttons. It’ll play nice with your Apple TV, iPad, your MacBook pro, and even your iPhone (the included iPhone mount makes that even easier) and you’ll enjoy the seamless connectivity that official, Apple-licenced connectivity brings.

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