The Beer Pantry

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Wine has had its run as the obsessed-over beverage of choice for fine dining. It’s beer’s turn now. Here’s a cookbook from the executive chef of the Brewers Association that’ll teach you the six flavor profiles of beer, including “crisp and clean,” “malty and sweet,” and “sour, tart and funky.” You’ll also learn how to pair those profiles with food. The recipes in here are a step or two up from hot wings and fried cheese sticks, think more along the lines of smoked beef brisket with rosemary confit potatoes or pressed chicken with braised beans and pickled peppers.

The recipes are accompanied by modern/minimal photos along with a pairing strategy and recommended beer. While beer will always have its place next to a hot pizza pie, here’s a handy guide for when you want a little more luxe to go with your wine-barrel-aged saison. – Buy It

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