The Nerf Blaster Modification Guide

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Nerf weapons are undeniably cool, whether you’re a child living in an adult’s body or you’re still legally a minor.  Of course, the innovative mind can always find ways to improve on existing designs.  If you’re the type that likes to tinker with your toys, you can fast-track upgrades to your Nerf faves with the help of The Nerf Blaster Modification Guide: The Unofficial Handbook for Making Your Foam Arsenal Even More Awesome.
With little more than some screwdrivers, pliers, and springs of varying sizes, you can hack your Nerf blasters for greater speed, increased range, and upgraded firing capacity.  However, you can also take your efforts next level with electrical components or 3D-printed parts.  Tips for painting can even deliver a custom appearance that strikes fear into the hearts of your enemies during cubicle warfare. – Shop Now

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