Triple Aught Design Nautilus AC Shorts

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Triple Aught Design seems to think of everything — and we really do mean everything — when it comes to gear that guys don’t often think about, yet tend to need when it comes to outdoor adventures aplenty. In this case, the oft-overlooked dive short — a better version of the classic — comes under the microscope of Triple Aught Design’s razor-sharp production and quality.

What does it all mean for you? Well, Triple Aught Design calls these shorts a “modernized and upgraded” version of the classic dive shorts as worn by on-screen secret agents like James Bond, so you can be sure they’re up to snuff for your pursuits.

To wit: The Nautilus AC Shorts feature quick-drying Amphibious Cloth and a mobile 6.5-inch inseam, plus a gusseted crotch and self-draining pockets. Simply put, these shorts won’t slow you down — in fact, they might even speed up your adventures.

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