Under Armour Project Rock 3 Training Shoes

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If you want to step up your training routine in terms of intensity, volume, duration — pretty much anything and everything — then there’s an area that shouldn’t be overlooked: Your footwear. Who knows this better than anyone? Ladies and gentlemen, allow us to offer up some fitness inspiration that really needs no introduction — that’d be Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, a legend in every right, and a heck of a great catalyst if you want to find the proper gear to power training session after training session. 

The Rock is known for cutting absolutely zero corners in the gym or in life, and his newly launched Under Armour Project Rock 3 Training Shoes take a similar approach. After all, if The Rock himself can co-sign these shoes, they can surely pass muster. The knit upper features plenty of breathability and was designed in close consultation with the man himself, while Under Armour ‘zero gravity feel’ technology powers the rest of the shoe in a way that works to serve The Rock (and now, you) in the gym this season. 

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