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Not everyone can pack up their lives and take to the open road. That’s why we have books. VanLife Diaries is a bit of vicarious freedom written by someone who’s been doing it for over five years, telling the stories of people who’ve been doing it even longer. The book takes all the inspiring parts (and some of the tougher parts) of #vanlife and lays it out in 240 pages of beautiful photography along with interviews with modern nomads.

Interior shots of the meticulous and unique modifications made to a Sprinter van, a VDub, an Airstream and other motorized tiny homes will instantly make you appreciate the terms efficient and multi-purpose, while shots of the natural beauty these people get to wake up to will inspire serious wanderlust. And if that wanderlust starts to move you towards action, the book also offers practical ideas for downsizing your life, finding a van, and supporting yourself on the road. – Shop Now

VanLife Diaries

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