Vollebak Garbage Watch

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The ideal watch strikes a delicate balance. It should pack enough style to seamlessly blend with what you’re wearing, and be just eye-catching enough to grab a compliment or two as the day goes on. We’re not saying the Garbage Watch isn’t ideal, but it really throws both of those metrics straight into, well, the garbage. The watch is the brainchild of Vollebak, aka the “clothing brand of the future,” who also brought us fireproof, waterproof, everything-proof hoodies meant to last 100 years, carbon fiber t-shirts, and solar charged jackets. Needless to say, the Garbage Watch isn’t trying to be just another watch in your arsenal. 

Each piece you can see on the watch was once something else, rescued from landfills through e-waste recycling programs. Wires, motherboards, microchips, the random bits of detritus from an endless sea of obsolete electronics will soon find a home in a wearable and functional timepiece that, quite frankly, is going to get noticed. The brand is working in collaboration with design mag Wallpaper*  and their Re-Made project. The watch is in the prototype phase right now, moving its way towards production, scheduled for 2021. Get on the waiting list and when you get your watch next year see if you recognize the camera sensor from your old iPhone. 

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