Vollebak Ocean Shorts

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Throw back a few with some friends and the conversation inevitably turns to “wouldn’t it be cool if…” That’s the kind of conversation we imagine the brothers behind Vollebak have had many, many times. Only they take it a step further and actually make the gear they think up. Stuff like a solar powered jacket that glows (all night) in the dark, a base layer embedded with ceramics, or a pink hoodie that zips up over your face and forces relaxation.

This time around they’re taking on the board short. With a four-way stretch fabric, cut by lasers, and bonded, not sewn, these shorts block UV rays, repel water, won’t chafe and aren’t fazed by scrapes with reefs or rocks. Outside, they’ve got a lockable zippered rear pocket and inside, Italian mesh holds everything anatomical protectively in place. Pick bright green or granite then head for the nearest body of water. – $245

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