Whiskey Cocktails

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As spirits go, whiskey is one for the masses.  This golden firewater can offer a shot of courage to the common man or serve as a pricy addition to any high-end liquor cabinet, and with the revival of old-timey cocktails, its popularity has grown in leaps and bounds.  In Whiskey Cocktails, mixologist Van Flandern delivers nothing short of whiskey porn for the discerning aficionado, thanks to mesmerizing photos of cocktails staged in swanky New York City bars, such as Brandy Library, Dead Rabbit Bar, and McSorley’s, among others.
The rustic appeal of aged brickwork, oiled wood, and hammered metal surfaces offers the perfect backdrop for a diverse range of artfully staged classic cocktails, from a Mint Julep or Manhattan to an Old Fashioned.  Of course, the recipes are featured right alongside the photos, making this perhaps the most useful coffee table book you’ll ever own, or alternately, the most beautiful recipe book.- Shop Now

Whiskey Cocktails

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