Zero Labs Electric Ford Bronco

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As a company, Zero Labs offers premium classic electric vehicles while combining all the best elements and amenities of modern life. This includes taking a vintage first generation Ford Bronco and converting it to a fully electric vehicle while offering occupants a luxurious experience.

The Zero Labs Electric Ford Bronco can be attained in many ways. They offer four different packages: Classic Retro Package, Classic Beach Package, Mountain Off Road Package, and a Modern Luxury Package. All packages start at $185K, with the exception of the Modern Luxury Package, which starts at $240,000.

Offering a design most like the original build, the Classic Retro Package gives enthusiasts a chance to experience the original Bronco with an electric twist. Buyers will appreciate the factory matching paint and interior finishes. Featuring an all electric powertrain, this is unlike any other Bronco before it.

A Classic Beach Package offers the ultimate experience for your typical beachgoer. The “Surfriders Classic” Ford Bronco is prepared for the elements one might encounter along the coast. This includes protecting all electronics from intense sun rays and salt exposure.

Engineers also made sure to use UV, waterproof, as well as mold and mildew resistant materials. Zero Labs offers either a removable soft/hard top or a full enclosure, depending on how you want it built. The Surfriders Classic even has a surfboard roof mount. Get ready to hang ten at all your favorite surf spots.

The Mountain Off Road Package offers all-terrain capability and performance. Dual motor all-wheel drive helps the Bronco navigate wherever it roams. Additional emergency gear, including a cell phone booster, provides assistance while out in the wild. The Bronco can even double as a portable power supply, should you need it.

A Modern Luxury Package offers the best of everything. Featuring full carbon fiber bodywork, adjustable air ride suspension, luxurious upholstery and a premium wood finish, this Bronco has it all. 100% wool, German square weave carpeting along with hand-sewn leather seams help the interior stand out with a polished finish.

All models feature an independent IFS suspension for the front and rear. Buyers have the choice of either an 85 or 100 kWh battery. The 100 kWh offers a range of 235+ miles. The peak power of 440 kW, or 600 horsepower, is a 471% increase in power over the original 1966 model.

Zero Labs delivers vehicles in the order they are placed. If you want to get one, you better act fast. As of this article publication, 2020 deliveries are on schedule, but inquiries are rapidly increasing with the rejuvenated excitement of the Ford Bronco. Don’t miss your chance to explore the wilderness in an e-Bronco before the waiting list bucks you down a few spots.

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