Best Men's Underwear Brands

16 Best Men’s Underwear Brands


Make no mistake, your underwear is undoubtedly one of the most important parts of your menswear ensemble — yes, that’s right. We went there. Underwear can make or break your all-day comfort based on the pair you pick up and wear — if you’ve ever skimped on buying the right underwear, you know this to be the case.

The incredible thing is, a host of brands are amplifying men’s underwear beyond the typical packages you pick up in the department store bin, turning it into an essential, premium accessory that’s different than any pair you’ve previously worn. Believe us, it’s true. These brands are using quality fabrics and surprisingly breathable, innovative technology to craft underwear that truly makes a difference. After all, you want and expect as much comfort and performance all day as you can get, right?

Digital upstarts are leading the way, crafting the best men’s underwear that’s got performance capabilities and a range of cuts and fits. Truly, it’s a new dawn when it comes to the best men’s underwear, and you’re surely going to need a pair or two — or three — when it comes time to dress for the work week, the weekend … really, each and every day of the week. Don’t skimp, trust us.

Rhone Men's Underwear


Could there be any better way to complement Rhone’s minimal, travel-friendly, performance-minded and athleisure-inspired gear than with a pair of the brand’s modern boxer briefs? Perhaps not — at least, that’s our take. We think you’ll agree when you Rhone’s Athletic Boxer Briefs, with a 5” cut and cool colors like Space Dye for a bit of an added touch. The brand says these are basically “zero gravity,” so if you could use a pair to wear under your slim chinos, these would be the way to go. – Shop Now

Flint and Tinder Underwear

Flint and Tinder

We’d wager you’ve at least heard of Flint and Tinder — or perhaps you own one of the brand’s coveted henleys, denim shirts or excellent hoodies (all guaranteed to last and last). But this in-house offering from the folks at Huckberry is lauded on another front, for its outstanding and USA-made underwear. The Heritage Boxer Briefs are undoubtedly ultra-premium and worth the spend, available in a range of colors for every guy — and at an agreeable sub-$30 price. – Shop Now

Richer Poorer

Richer Poorer

Richer Poorer is another basics brand that goes beyond basic in each and every way possible. Richer Poorer’s pocket tees, for one, are expertly cut and perfectly soft in terms of fabric — the same can be said for its collection of essential boxer briefs. In fact, we’d recommend that you dress from head-to-toe in all of the best basics from Richer Poorer that you can get — mix and match to your heart’s desire. – Shop Now

Tommy John Men's Underwear

Tommy John

Tommy John has led a wave of those digital upstarts we mentioned in recent years, crafting quality underwear and undershirts and pairing that up with an easy-to-digest purchasing ability (plus terrific fabric quality). The brand’s underwear arguably put it on the map, and it’s not hard to see why, what with cuts that run the gamut from short briefs to boxers, all done up in a range of neat patterns and colors — not to mention, the breathable, cooling fabric is an absolute must when you’re shopping for the best men’s underwear. – Shop Now

Saxx Underwear

Saxx Underwear

Saxx Underwear bills its underwear as some of the best men’s underwear on the market, made with next-level technology and fabrication that goes the distance — that’s good news if your underwear drawer could use a serious refresh. And let’s be honest … it probably could. With boxer briefs and trunks in a variety of colors and patterns, there’s something for everyone here. It’s a worthy brand to consider adding to your underwear drawer — feel free to pick up more than one pair to really get a feel for the brand. – Shop Now

Civic Merino Underwear


The Civic line is the latest batch of menswear greatness to come out of the confines of Taylor Stitch. A partner brand of the main TS line, Civic is all about flexibility and mobility, plus ease of movement — think of the collection as the perfect travel essentials you didn’t know you needed. And that being said, the Merino Boxers are excellent quality, made to move with you and provide all-day comfort (no matter how long your flight happens to be). – Shop Now

Derek Rose

Derek Rose

When a lauded basketball player puts his name on a product, you can be sure it’s up to snuff — or at least, that’s the hope. The Derek Rose collection of men’s underwear lives up to the challenge and its billing; if it’s good enough for an NBA star, it’s good enough for you … right? You’ll be paying around a premium for the brand’s boxers and boxer briefs (in the neighborhood of $50), but you’re getting quality that’s very, very tough to top (to say the least). – Shop Now



There’s a very good chance you know Lululemon as the leggings brand worn by your wife or girlfriend — but the Lululemon Men’s line is, surprisingly, not to be left out of the race to outfit your wardrobe and your basics drawer. As wild as it might seem to say at first, Lululemon is making some of the best men’s underwear around — no question. With cuts ranging from 5” to 7” and each pair made with maximum range of motion in mind, think of these as the perfect underwear for the guy on the go. – Shop Now

Related Garments

Related Garments

Related Garments is all about giving guys the best underwear with luxury quality and low prices ($19 for a pair of boxer briefs beats some other brands on this list). It’s still an investment, but it’s an investment worth making when you consider the utility of a great pair (or pairs) of the best men’s underwear — you might never go back to your old standby brands. – Shop Now

Mack Weldon

Mack Weldon

If you want a technical pair of the best men’s underwear that doesn’t actually look technical, you’d do worse than Mack Weldon — we specifically the AIRKNITx line for its savvy use of breathable, anti-microbial fabric, and you’d do worse than to pick up a pair of the brand’s boxer briefs made with comfortable jersey cotton. The point is this: While you’re investing in Mack Weldon’s basics, you’re assuredly getting a pair (or two, or three) of the best men’s underwear. – Shop Now

Nice Laundry

Nice Laundry

There are absolutely certain times when you want simple, subtly stylish, fairly priced underwear — in fact, it’s practically a necessity when looking for dependable basics these days. That’s where Nice Laundry comes into play, with a range of neutral men’s basics made with quality materials — nothing too fussy, nothing overly loud, just some of the best men’s underwear out there. – Shop Now

Calvin Klein Underwear

Calvin Klein

Among the best men’s underwear brands, there’s perhaps no brand that’s got as much cultural cache in the world of undergarments as Calvin Klein — those iconic ads from the 90s come to mind). While you might not be able to spend as much time in the gym as “Marky Mark,” you can still get a great pair of underwear from an iconic brand at a reasonable price when you shop Calvin Klein. Really, there’s no reason not to do so — your underwear drawer needs an upgrade, after all. – Shop Now

Under Armour

Under Armour

While Under Armour might not seem like a go-to brand at first for some of the best men’s underwear, we’d urge you to change your perception of them — they’re more than just workout shorts and Spandex. In fact, the Under Armour line of men’s underwear is performance-driven and yet perfectly stylish, all the better for everyday wear even outside of the gym. – Shop Now

Duluth Trading Company Men's Underwear

Duluth Trading Company

Duluth Trading Company delivers catchy, fun ads and of course, stellar products for the guy who needs seriously tough, dependable outdoor and work gear. The same can be said for its remarkably high-performing and well-made underwear, which should serve as the perfect companion to its hard-wearing work pants and work shirts. You could feasibly put together an entire work-ready outfit of extraordinarily tough gear from Duluth Trading, and that’s something you shouldn’t pass up. – Shop Now

Bread & Boxers

Bread & Boxers

Perhaps you’re familiar with the Bread & Boxers line as sold by the fine folks at Bespoke Post (and through the brand’s own site), but if not, get acquainted as soon as possible. Bread & Boxers makes the process of buying some of the best men’s underwear quite simple and understated, actually — just like its stylish basics. Billed as “everyday favorites” by the brand and available at reasonable prices (under $20 for a pair of boxer briefs), these should be a new go-to. – Shop Now



The basics world has undergone a digital revolution in the past few years, with plenty of companies clamoring for space in your wardrobe — including unique, multi-faceted subscription-type companies for men and women like MeUndies. With a fun membership club and exclusive prints, plus the delivery of perfectly crafted underwear right to your door — it all makes a difference — the ease of MeUndies makes them one of the best brands to buy for men’s underwear. – Shop Now


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