Bison Airlighter 520

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Not five minutes from now. Now. The Bison Airlighter 520 ensures your campfire, BBQ, wood stove, or fire pit turns into a raging ball of flame as soon as possible. How does it do it? The winning combination of a torch flame and air blower. Packed together in a handheld device, it’s sort of like having a personal flamethrower — and who hasn’t wanted to start a campfire with a flamethrower? (Especially when the sun is dropping, your fingers are cold, and flashes of “To Build A Fire” start running through your mind.)

Inside the 20-inch long Airlighter is a USB-rechargeable battery that’ll give you 35 minutes of blowing power (unless you’re trying to light a log while it’s still underwater, you won’t need nearly that long). Butane makes up the fuel source, which you can buy from Bison, or get any high-quality brand (the more refined stuff won’t clog the jets) and you’ll get up to 30 fire startings from a full tank and full battery. 

After use, it’s cool to the touch so you don’t have to worry about it burning through your camp chair when you set it down. Nifty little bonus features like an LED flashlight, bottle opener, and foldable handle just add to the utility and general awesomeness. And if all that isn’t enough, it’ll also put a mean sear on your steak, or a crackable shell on the top of your crème brûlée.

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