Mack Weldon One-Mile Slippers

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That adage about walking a mile in someone’s shoes takes on a whole new meaning these days, as we adjust to life under quarantine, limit our outings and get used to dressing at home — in style, of course. One brand that can help your at-home wardrobe considerably happens to be Mack Weldon; they’ve got a full collection of at-home essentials (seriously, check out the brand’s Web site), and the One-Mile Slippers are the latest addition to blend both at-home style and functionality.

The One-Mile Slippers are more house shoes than slippers, made from a wool-poly blend in two neutral color options — that fabric blend is also water-resistant (Mack Weldon notes these are ideal to slide on to get the mail). We think you can wear them reliably with the brand’s cozy merino tees and tapered sweats to stoke the fire or put on a pot of coffee, then get back to work — or back to listening to a vinyl record.

The sole itself is also slip-resistant. Your old slippers have nothing on the Mack Weldon One-Mile Shoes, and it’s time you figured it out for yourself.

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