Oakley Kato Sunglasses

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The shades Oakley designs look like no other sunglasses out there. Yet they always manage to look like Oakleys — even when they have a nose cone. By their own admission, Oakley Kato Sunglasses are designed to resemble a superhero’s mask. And considering a few of the innovations added to the specs, maybe these will give you superpowers after all. Especially if you like to go really fast on two wheels. 

The frameless design and wide, wide lenses give you a big field of view, even when your head’s down so you can pedal hard. Instead of being notched out like most glasses, the nose section of the Katos contours to the shape of your face, improving aerodynamics (and making a serious style statement at the same time). 

With three different nose pads and an adjustable pivot on the temple, they’re meant to form to your face like some sort of second skin — one that you can see through while blocking all UV rays at the same time. 

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