Party In The Woods Session IPA

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When the day dawns sunny and bright, especially on a summer weekend, we know what we’re looking forward to once we stock up on coffee and hit the trail — cracking open some other critical fuel for the day in the form of an ice-cold beer. But not just any old brew will do. For summer adventures near and far, a great session IPA, the kind you can sip all day, is the only way to go.

The Kulshan Brewing Party In The Woods Session IPA is the perfect beer to enjoy in the sweltering summer heat, and a critical component of a well-stocked cooler. What makes it so downright essential for your summer beer rotation? It clocks in at 5.5 percent ABV, all the while celebrating the spirit of adventure thanks to the brewery’s partnership with Transition Bike Co. — after all, how refreshing does a cold beer sound after a long ride? What’s more, Mandarina Bavaria hops add a nice tangerine bouquet to this beer, making for the ultimate in summer refreshment.

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