Anthenea Smart Floating Space

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No, your eyes are not deceiving you: The Anthenea is a real product, that your real dollars can buy, right now. 

I’d forgive you for thinking that the “world’s first floating eco-luxury hotel suite” is something out of a movie, though. It was inspired by James Bond’s floating pod in The Spy Who Loved Me, after all, and bears an eerie resemblance to something you’d find in Waterworld

But it’s actually the 25-year passion project of French naval architect Jean Michelle Ducancelle, whose goal is to reimagine the ways in which humans can inhabit the Earth. If the Smart Floating Space is any indication, he’s on a great path.

Unsinkable, easily piloted, and autonomously powered by solar panels, it also features a gigantic bed, a bathtub for two (or more), and an upstairs Solarium that seats around 12 people. And even if the apocalypse keeps on never happening, you’ll be living in eco-friendly luxury for the rest of your floating days.

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