Best Pocket Notebooks

The 8 Best Pocket Notebooks

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The pocket notebook has become as much a part of EDC culture as the slim wallet, the folding knife, and the keychain tool. A pocket notebook fits securely in your back pocket and, unlike your smartphone, won’t crack or break when dropped from standing height. There are many different styles to choose from, depending on your lifestyle or personal carrying preferences, with each notebook offering it’s carrier something unique from the rest. The next time you decide to overhaul your everyday carry ensemble, consider one of these 8 best pocket notebooks for better organizing your shopping lists, notes, random doodles, and the generally bright ideas you may have from time to time.

Field Notes

Field Notes

You’ll find a Field Notes Notebook in many a back pocket, and for good reason. They’re sturdier than any standard notebook available and feature 48 pages of your choice of graph, ruled, or plain paper on which to doodle your to-do lists, school notes, or your greatest ideas that you might otherwise forget. They’re also available in a variety of colors and designs, with new designs being released each year. – $10 (Set of 3)

Word. Pocket Notebooks

Word. Notebooks

Editor’s Pick: Much like Field Notes, Word. Notebooks have been around for a while, offering up a fresh new way to take better notes. The notebooks are available in a variety of stylish colors and designs and feature 48 pages of clean lines and a special bullet point system that will keep your to-do lists, notes, brainstorming ideas, and random doodles much better organized than a napkin or the back of your hand. – $10 (Set of 3)

Paddle Journal

Paddle Journal

This collaboration between Mollyjogger and Rite-In-The-Rain was created specifically for recording adventures taken while paddling a canoe. The Paddle Journal, however, is easily adaptable to most any water adventure because not every outdoor adventurer can or should paddle a canoe. Inside the notebook’s water-friendly field flex cover is space needed for 24 trip entries, each providing space for taking notes, a grid layout for drawing out a map of your route, and specific details of the trip. – $11

Rhodia Pocket Notebooks

Rhodia Pocket Notebooks

Rhodia Pocket Notebooks are neither trendy nor expensive, yet they continue to be a choice EDC notebook for many people. The reason is that these pocket notebooks have sacrificed neither form nor function, and feature a coasted, water proof cover that protects the thicker, pen-friendly 80g paper inside. Each notebook is outfitted with 24 sheets of your choice of lines or grids on which to record your notes, thoughts, and ideas. – $5

Adventure Log

The Adventure Log

A special collaboration with Bradley Mountain brings forth Word. Notebook’s latest notebook, The Adventure Log ($12). The Adventure Log is meant for those with the spirit of adventure in their hearts, and features 48 pages on which you can record the location, date, conditions, and field notes of your next outdoor excursion, vacation, backpacking adventure, or road trip. Available in your choice of yellow or black. You can’t go wrong with either one. – $12

Rite In The Rain All Weather Pocket Notebook

Rite In The Rain All Weather Notebook

The perfect pocket notebook for Military personnel, field journalists, and other outdoor professionals is Rite In The Rain’s All Weather Notebook. Tucked between the waterproof front and back covers is 100 pages of specially-designed paper on which you can write in the heat, cold, humidity, and unforgiving rain. Truly tactical by design, this notebook accepts ink or lead in any environment imaginable, and even includes sometimes useful reference material on the back and inside covers. – $7

Appointed Mini Jotter Notebooks

Appointed Mini Jotter

The Mini Jotter notebooks by Appointed blend in seamlessly with the rest of your everyday carry. Three classic color choices are complimented by a practical, well thought-out design that includes a soft cloth book cover, saddle stitch binding, and 40 blank pages of thick stock notebook paper. – $25 (Set of 3)

Elan Pocket Field Notebook

Elan Pocket Field Notebook

Sure, you can EDC the Elan Pocket Notebook. It can withstand the wear and tear of everyday carry better than most any notebook on this list, probably because it’s intended use is in the field—by those doing the jobs that matter most. On the outside is an extra-stiff, orange hardbound cover that is both highly visible and waterproof. Inside you’ll find 160 pages of 50% cotton, water-resistant grid paper for jotting down important notes in both favorable and inclement weather, along with 15 pages of practical information at the notebook’s end. – $6

Best Pocket Notebooks


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