The Best Recipes With Jack Daniel’s Whiskey

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Who says you can’t have your Jack Daniel’s and eat it too? If there happens to be a shot or two of Jack Daniel’s left in the liquor cabinet this month, don’t throw a party just yet. Instead, put it to better use with one of these Jack Daniel’s Food recipes to make a dish that’s worthy of America’s favorite Whiskey.

Jack Daniels and Coke Baby Back Ribs

Jack and Coke Baby Back Ribs

Baby Back Ribs with any kind of BBQ sauce does the trick. But add a healthy slathering of Jack Daniels and Coke to a slab of meat, and you’ve got a grilled masterpiece. Goes great with your own cup of Jack Daniels and Coke. (Recipe)

Jack Daniel's Whiskey Pecan Pie

Jack Daniel’s Whiskey Pecan Pie

No matter how many plates of food you can put away, there’s always room for pie. There’s always room for Jack Daniel’s as well, which is why Jack Daniel’s Whiskey Pecan Pie makes so much sense. Its a new take on your mother’s classic pecan pie recipe that you’ll hope she picks up on this thanksgiving. (Recipe)

Jack Daniel's Meatballs

Jack Daniel’s Meatballs

Meat and Jack Daniel’s go together like pizza and beer. The proof is in Jack Daniel’s Meatballs. The real magic in this chicken or ground beef appetizer is the sauce, which features a whole list of superb ingredients, one of which is a quarter cup of your favorite Tennessee whiskey. (Recipe)

Jack Daniel's Chili

Jack Daniel’s Chili

The next time you fire up the crock pot full of chili, ditch the hot sauce and instead grab whatever Jack Daniel’s you may have left from your previous shindig. Craft it like you would your normal pot of chili, only add eight ounces of smooth Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey. Have a party and Drink the leftovers. (Recipe)

Jack Daniel's Honey Barbecue Chicken Wings

Jack Daniel’s Honey Barbecue Chicken Wings

If you want your chicken wings to melt your face off, then your best bet is to head to Hooters and order a plate of 3 Mile Island Hot Wings. For all other chicken wing cravings, there exists Jack Daniel’s Honey Barbecue Chicken Wings. Bake or fry the wings accordingly, adding the sauce afterwards, which includes a quarter cup of none other than Jack Daniel’s Whiskey. (Recipe)

Jack Daniel's Mac And Cheese

Jack Daniel’s Mac and Cheese

Macaroni and cheese is an essential side for any meal, or can be a meal all on its own. Instead of throwing a package of Kraft mac and cheese in a pan, do yourself one better by throwing together a serving of jack Daniel’s Mac and Cheese. The tablespoon of Jack Daniel’s added to the flour and butter mixture helps give it that familiar oaky flavor, but what really sets this dish apart from any other macaroni and cheese is its inclusion of bacon—Bacon dipped in Jack Daniel’s. Two things that will always taste good together. (Recipe)

Jack Daniel's Spicy BBQ Sliders

Jack Daniel’s Spicy BBQ Sliders

Sliders are proof that good things come in small packages. These particular spicy sliders are sauteed and then simmered in a special sauce that includes jalapenos, chopped onions, Jack Daniel’s Barbeque sauce, and a half cup of Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey straight from the bottle. (Recipe)

Bacon-wrapped Jack Daniel's Churros

Bacon-Wrapped Jack Daniel’s Churros

This new take on the pastry that’s been credited as the Spanish Doughnut is infused with a shot of Jack Daniel’s, wrapped in bacon, and then tossed onto the grill. (Learn More)

Looking for more ideas on cooking with Jack Daniel’s? Check out the Jack Daniel’s Spirit Of Tennessee Cookbook.

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